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72 | Hypermobility Alert

Apr 17, 2019



Today’s solo episode is all about how to use core stability when you are hypermobile. Hypermobile people may fill a small category, but they will actually suffer more injuries in yoga due to their bigger ranges of motion within their movement practices. Being bendy in yoga is beautiful, just as any practice is, but without proper attention and care, those with hypermobility can suffer great injury.


What does it mean to be hypermobile?


Hypermobile people have excess laxity in their joints, therefore they have a lot of “give” in their ranges of motion in some or all of their joints. The receptors within the muscles can be delayed, or nonexistent.


The core:


Your core’s biggest job is to transfer energy. Hypermobile people need to get rigid in their core in order to help avoid getting into big ranges of motion.  


How do you think rigid?


You need to get a neutral spine. Dial up your awareness in your brain so that when you start moving, you won’t immediately become the elastic band. Over time your awareness will improve because you are working your muscles to help. A plank position will really help this awareness.



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