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71 | Q&A with Lara

Apr 15, 2019

I get a lot of questions from listeners, yoga teachers, and followers I have on social media quite often, so I wanted to take today to answer a few of them. My hope is that in answering these on my podcast, this helps someone else as well!


Is it okay to massage sore muscles aggressively?


Massaging mobilizes the soft tissue around a space, but the intention is not to dig in and clear something, it’s to free it. There are different, non-aggressive, techniques you can do to free up that soreness or tightness.


What are tight hip flexors?


Where the thigh meets up at the crease of your hip joint, there are different muscles here that flex your hips. There are a lot of muscles that are considered hip flexors, so the term “tight hip flexors” is very broad. Sitting for long periods of time can create this feeling. By getting into a neutral pelvis, then activating the inner thighs, and get your pelvis leveled. This can help alleviate the tension.


What made you decide to lead the life you do?


I feel like I was pretty clear in my mind and life about what I wanted to do, plus I had incredible support. I knew that wellness brought me such happiness, and that I could never and would never do a desk job. I led with my heart, and continue to do so.



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