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Work Well Series Ep. 3: Harnessing Kindness as a Business Strategy with Beekman 1802

Mar 1, 2024




Kindness can go a long way in your personal life, but what about in your business?

In this episode of Redefining Movement, we dive into the incredible journey of Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, founders of Beekman 1802, where kindness is not just a philosophy but a way of life. 

Listen as host Lara Heimann chats with Brent and Josh, and learn how the seed idea of kindness led to the creation of a thriving company and a holistic approach to wellness. Discover the profound physiological impact of kindness, how it affects employee satisfaction and retention, and gain insights into implementing kindness in the workplace. Join us as we explore how kindness is redefining the modern approach to wellness and success.


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