Frequently Asked Questions

LYT® Daily Subscription

How do I manage my LYT Daily subscription account?

Please email our support team:

How do I sign up?

To sign up for a subscription to daily classes with Lara, go here and start your free trial!

How many classes do I have access to at once?

If you subscribe to LYT Daily or LYT Prime, you will have unlimited access to the library, including a plethora of anatomy and theme based classes that live on the site 24/7. We have a wide variety of levels, lengths, and intensities for you to choose from!

We do feature special daily classes which will be newly featured each day for 24 hours and then will remain in the “Replay” section for 48 hours. Keep an eye out for the schedule – today’s class could be live! If it is live, the replay will be available for 48 hours in the replay section as well.

LYT Prime members also have access to over 20 interactive Zoom classes with certified LYT instructors across the globe and free access to our Monthly Workshops.  LYT Daily members get 50% off Monthly Workshops as well and can drop-in to the Zoom class for a fee.

Can I download classes?

You can download your favorite classes for offline viewing through the LYT® Daily yoga app for iOS and Android. This doesn’t apply to the daily classes, which disappear after 48 hours.

Is there an iPhone or Android app?

Yes, please search for LYT® Daily Yoga in the app stores! We also offer AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick applications.


How can I get notified when the next certification course opens?

To be the first to know when the next course opens, please provide us with your email here.

Is this certification part of Yoga Alliance?

Lara is an approved 500-hour instructor, but the LYT® courses are not geared towards Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance has extremely minimal standards in anatomy, so in order to create the most comprehensive anatomy-based yoga teacher certification available, we have decided to create a new level of standards for yoga teachers. If a Yoga Alliance certification is important to you, Lara’s LYT® courses can be applied to Yoga Alliance certifications.

Lara’s LYT Level 1 in-person and online trainings gives you a 200 hour certification with Yoga Alliance. Her in-person and online Level 2 immersions can be applied to continuing education or a 300-hour/500-hour certification with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance is a private, nonprofit entity that is optional for teachers to pay to join. Yoga Alliance is not sanctioned by any local, state, or federal government. Paying Yoga Alliance to be listed in their directory is not a requirement to get insurance or be legally protected while teaching yoga.

I already did a Yoga Alliance training with Lara, what does that mean in terms of LYT Certification?

If you already completed a 200 hours YTT with Lara (not including YogaGirl trainings), you are eligible to receive the updated LYT® Level 1 certificate to update your profile.

If you were already part of Lara’s 300-hour/500-hour Yoga Alliance program, what used to be known as “modules” will fall under the Level 2 program. The Level 2 in-person trainings can go towards your 300-hour/500-hour Yoga Alliance Certification and you will be able to cross-apply this towards a LYT® Level 2 certification, contingent on your completion of the new LYT® Level 1 training (online or in person), which you can purchase at a discounted rate.

How do I get listed on the Teacher Directory as a LYT® certified teacher?

You must complete LYT® Level 1 in order to be listed on the website. This also applies to previously certified teachers for Yoga Alliance, because they must re-certify in the LYT® methodology.

If I do the LYT® Level 1 training in person, do I receive the online training as well?

Yes, you will gain access to the latest training online, so you can refer back to it after your in-person training. This will not include the live interactive components with Lara, just recordings from the last time she ran it.

Are the online classes live or recorded? Will I have the option to complete them at my own pace?

The Level 1 online training includes 5 hours of live courseware each week. The rest of the content is recorded in advance. While students are encouraged to participate in the live courseware, these sessions will be made available for replay and can be completed at your own pace. However, all material must be completed within the allotted time in order to facilitate the evaluation process.