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Work Well Series Ep. 5: The Culture of Wellness in the Workplace with Jill Miller

Mar 15, 2024


Welcome to our special Work Well Series, where we explore the importance of prioritizing employee well-being in the office!

In corporate America, climbing the ladder is often the first priority, and casualty rates can be high. What happens when the focus moves from doing the work just to earn a paycheck to enjoying the work and coworkers while earning a paycheck? Wellness architect Jill Miller joins us on this episode of Redefining Movement to share how companies can create a supportive environment that fosters productivity with true connection. 

Host Lara Heimann follows Jill on her transformative journey from corporate America to revolutionizing employee well-being. The conversation underscores the pivotal role of belonging, inclusivity, and psychological safety in peak performance. Listen for insights into how reshaping company culture into a compassionate environment can boost wellness strategies and employee achievement. 


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