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73 | Tips For A Functional Core

Apr 19, 2019

We talk about finding smarter and safer movement patterns on my podcast and platforms daily, but for today I am speaking fully from my physical therapy perspective. I’ll be speaking about how to use the core correctly, from the PT perspective of just what the purpose of the core is for.


The core is more than the abdominal wall. Defining the core, for me, is understanding that it’s everything in the center of your body. That’s a lot to take care of!


My Top Tips:


  1. Recruit all of the core muscles collaboratively so that the whole core is strong
  2. Fine-tune the resting muscle tone
  3. Learn to activate the glutes better
  4. Stand on both legs, slightly bend the knees like you’re going into a squat, and then straighten. After multiple times of this, attempt to dial your feet out (like they are on paper plates)– see how this feels in the glutes.



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