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Work Well Series Ep. 6: The Paradigm Shift to Working Well

Mar 22, 2024



Welcome to our special Work Well Series, where we explore the importance of prioritizing employee well-being in the office!

In this last episode of our series, Lara and Kristin recap their biggest takeaways from these conversations. From the incredible impact of kindness to the unwavering need for psychological safety in the workplace to the push towards mental health support for employees, these companies set the bar for a better employee experience. Technology was also apparent to get ahead of the curve for employee benefits, through platforms like Wellable and Modern Health. 

Kristin and Lara also discuss the gaps they found, specifically incorporating more accountability for physical wellness. They offer insights on movement and how corporations can incorporate this into their well-being philosophy. Whether you’re an employee, employer, or wellness enthusiast, this conversation provides valuable takeaways for creating an exceptional work wellness culture.


Resources for this episode:

Modern Health – https://www.modernhealth.com/ 

Wellable – https://www.wellable.co/ 

Beekman 1802 – https://beekman1802.com/ 

Graduate Hotels – https://graduatehotels.com/ 

TruWork Inc. – https://truworkinc.com/ 


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