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Start moving better now with our library of 500+ online yoga classes. Bring the body-changing effects of LYT right to your home and experience a smarter way to fitness.

The LYT approach

Designed for your body’s needs, the LYT Method optimizes your body’s ability to move freely and efficiently. A fusion of yoga, physical therapy, and functional movement, it’s tailored to enhance functional movement, and core strength, and provide pain relief.

Class types and categories

Choose from over 500 streaming online yoga classes, conveniently categorized by levels, type, length, and instructor. LYT provides a diverse range of classes targeting specific areas like lower back pain, hips, arthritis pain, and overall muscle strengthening.

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Choose from over 500 streaming classes conveniently categorized by levels, type, length and instructor.

Online Classes for every level, with workouts from over 40 categories and class types to choose from on demand or choose live classes daily

LYT provides a wide variety of classes for users looking to target specific areas of the body, including lower back pain, hips and arthritis pain, and overall muscle strengthening.   


Beginner classes for people new to the LYT Method


Updated monthly based on community watch time


Fundamental moves and poses for the LYT Method


Slower paced classes offered for the beginner yogi


Classes focus on the Triple S: skull, scapulae and sacrum


A series of shorter strength, stretch, and HIIT classes


Classes are slower paced and perfect for stress relief


Classes for all levels that focus on the full inhale and exhale


Recovery and prevention for common injuries


LYT Method RESET, adding longer sequences and repeating it


High Intensity Interval Training


Classes focus on athletes and enhancing performance


Strengthening classes focus on intensity in targeting all body parts such as the wrist, shoulder girdle, core, glutes, hips, etc., all while stabilizing and mobilizing. All levels.  

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Target body parts

LYT offers classes designed to target specific body parts:

Build a better you

Who we are in the world starts with who we are in our bodies. You don’t need an advanced degree to be the expert of your own body.

Live Streamed classes from our leading instructors and experts are now included with your subscription of LYT. Add classes to your calendar and jump right in. Add as many or as a few as you’d like, the online class library is full of options, variety and experience levels. Start moving more and feeling better.  

Inspiration through transformation

Stories from our community

LYT Yoga literally changed my life: my posture, my strength, my balance and my spirit. From rounded shoulders, forward tilted pelvis and text neck to more upright, elongated and powerful way of standing and moving. The relentless discipline in sequencing the class into reset to activate the deep core muscles and then practice of asanas aimed to strengthen, stabilize and improve movement patterns makes wonders. It was a transformational experience for me which made me feel stronger, braver, better and more kind.

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Practicing LYT has changed my mind set, my body & my overall well being. My body is so much stronger, I feel more centred & in control of my life & feel I have more of a purpose. You don’t need to be a yogi to practice here. Whatever sport you are doing/playing – practicing on LYT daily will enhance your performance but also give you the ability to do the things you love.

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Julie Miller

I used to have imbalances in my body, and it wasn’t until I began to practice yoga on the LYT Daily that I began to heal. I credit the LYT Method’s focus on posture, core integration, and optimal movement in healing my frozen shoulder a couple years ago faster than any other method I had tried. If you are at the beginning or at the end of your healing journey, or if your new or a veteran of yoga, you will find so much content to love & incorporate into your daily movement!

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Marci McMahon

Life changing. I met Lara in 2016 and after 5 years as a fitness professional (personal trainer, FMS 1,2, TRX, Kettlebells), I felt like I had met the Ghandi of Movement. I have watched LYT literally transform the world of yoga and movement. I am deeply honored to continue my practice and training with LYT and this knowledge and experience is transformative, energizing, and humbling. LYT changed me inside and out. The connections, community, and CORE values are priceless.

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Kristi Rosenberg (Herbert)

Before I found Lara and her brilliant LYT method I was told that I should not practice yoga anymore (after 20 years) because my spine was “such a mess.” I am not only practicing LYT yoga daily, I am also a LYT certified teacher — one of the great joys of my life. LYT helps me keep my core stronger than strong and my spine aligned. I feel so much better because I know how to practice and move in fun, functional and optimal ways. Anything is possible, even doing handstands when you’ve made over 60 trips around the sun!

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Julie Glick

Unable to simply get out the car without pain, I was educated by Lara and realised that I could move asymmetrically and not have pain. Even better, that I could do fun movements, challenging ones and big ones! I wasn’t going to end up in a yoga practice which was just restorative yoga. Classical yoga kept me small at this time as I couldn’t do it without pain but with LYT I felt expressive, passionate, energetic and joyful. It gave me a whole new lease on life.

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Jane Langan

LYT offers so much variety which is wonderful, and it’s so empowering to get to know your body better how it moves and how it works. I was able to find classes that were perfect to support me through the loss of my mum. I love practicing at home but knowing there is a community of people right behind the screen who I can reach out to. It’s perfect and it just keeps getting better and better.

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Nyree Petitjean

Learning smart LYT Yoga has helped me become aware of my daily movement habits (good and bad) both on and off the mat. It has taught me how to move in a more optimal manner. Becoming aware is the first step in making positive changes. I love LYT so much that I became LYT certified and I will continue to learn as much as I can through the ongoing certification programs.

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Sharon Henderson

I went through a lot of years of formal medical education, but I have never understood and appreciated the power and resilient capacity of the human body more than I do now as a result of my LYT yoga practice. Every class not only offers safe and joyful movement, but also education that is practical and applicable. I feel secure and continue to grow knowing I can access class anytime time or place, but also the platform is always there no matter where I am physically and emotionally in my life.

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Leigh Campbell

Since shifting from a traditional style of yoga practice to LYT Yoga, I have learnt so much more about my body and its function which is so important in a movement practice. The experience is whole, I get to move my body, strengthen and nourish it helping me feel great not only physically but it also brings me so much joy during class that I feel renewed each time. It´s something I look forward to doing everyday like a slice of paradise within my day. And that allows me to be there for those who need me the most.

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Stacey Memije

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