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252 | Veganism for Everybody | with Dominick Thompson

Jun 19, 2020

Dominick Thompson is a vegan activist, weight lifter, and man of the corporate world. He offers a unique but deeply important voice to the vegan activism community, which he first came into after going to prison and realizing what life in captivity is like.

While Dominick isn’t proud of the person he was, in some ways, he sees that it was the decisions he made that put him on the path to who he is today. He felt that he had truly hit rock bottom — and that meant the only place to go was up.

When Dominick started speaking out about veganism, he realized that nobody else in that community was speaking to him. With his unique voice on the subject, he became wildly popular in the plant-based community; he became one of the breakout figures in a group of people who were making veganism and plant-based living cool.

Today, at Eat What Elephants Eat, Dominick shows that being vegan gives people access to all the nutrients they need to be strong, and he is committed to making plant-based diets easy, accessible, and affordable.



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