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These resources are included in your Build Your Capacity 6-Week Program. There is a PDF to help you schedule out your practice and keep track of your progress, as well as additional PDFs for journaling/reflecting work.

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LYT Yoga Mat

LYT Yoga Mat

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We are SO excited to introduce our NEW LYT Yoga Mat to the store! 

This is an original and personally designed mat by Lara and the LYT Team! It represents LYT with the logo as the focal point, dots to align yourself in down dog and handstand, as you lean-in to the inspiring messages of "I Can" and "I Will” on opposite ends of the mat. The LYT Method moves you in all directions, so the compass points of N, S, E & W are there to guide you in your practice.

The mat is made of the same, non-slip material as the Liforme mat. Truly planet friendly and non-toxic! PVC free, biodegradable and made using only high quality, non-toxic materials. They are plant based and they will degrade in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions (unlike a PVC mat which can take hundreds of years!)

Dimensions: 72.8" L x 26.7" W, 4.2mm thick and weighs 5.5lbs.

***Please note, the LYT mat doesn't come with a yoga bag.

Cleaning tips:

Use a tiny drop of dish soap (of if you prefer, try lemon juice or white vinegar) diluted very heavily with plenty of water, and wipe it gently with a non-abrasive sponge that is damp, but no soaking wet. We recommend you do this only after about every 5-10 uses. If you regularly practice in sweaty conditions, you may wish to clean your mat more frequently, but remember that whilst our planet-friendly LYT mat materials are remarkably durable for yoga practice, over-cleaning or using abrasive products will wear out any materials faster.

Avoid keeping your mat out in the sun for long periods. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the mat to degrade more quickly.


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