Work well series ep. 4: the power of education on well-being in the workplace

Work well series ep. 4: the power of education on well-being in the workplace

Work Well Series Ep. 4:

Welcome to our special Work Well Series, where we explore the importance of prioritizing employee well-being in the office!This episode uncovers the extraordinary results when a company invests in redefining success through unwavering dedication to ongoing education and development for their employees.Lara talks with Kevin Osterhaus, President of Graduate Hotels about his vision of empowering individuals through the hotel chain’s unique Graduate Academy program. The program offers an innovative approach to education as a benefit of being an employee, allowing all staff to pursue continuing education degrees and certifications paid for by the company. Kevin discusses the powerful impact and positive effects that providing this type of holistic support for team members, has had on the on overall well-being of employees.

Graduate Hotels is an unapologetically unique brand that is a collection of one-of-a-kind hotel experiences focused around the college towns where they are located. Dedicating a portion of their benefits to continuing education not only aligns with the brand but also offers a clearly unique and positive experience for all of their employees.


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