688. Wednesday Q&A: different leg lengths, diastasis recti, & the pelvic floor

688. Wednesday Q&A: different leg lengths, diastasis recti, & the pelvic floor

704. Wednesday q&a:

In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about practicing yoga with different leg lengths, diastasis recti, and relaxing the pelvic floor.


  • I got a really good question from a new student. She has different leg lengths that in daily life is adjusted by different thickness of the soles of her shoes. However, she’s questioning how to take this into account and how and where to adjust when doing yoga. What would you advise in this case?
  • I’m 38 years old and currently 18 months postpartum after baby number two, I’m dealing with diastasis recti. I probably always had it a bit, but worsened it a lot after baby number one when I started my normal yoga practice about four weeks postpartum. My midwife realized the separation got bigger after a checkup, about four months postpartum by then. After that, I continued my yoga practice as normal, but did some physiotherapy. My belly wasn’t as flat as before pregnancy, but that’s okay after a baby and I had no other problems. After baby number two, I was very aware of the D.R. issue and tried to do everything right. No normal yoga – any kind of backbend, chaturanga, one-legged, and so on. But the separation was five fingers and only went down to about three fingers, max. I tried, as I mentioned, to avoid many kinds of movement which is very hard for someone who loves to move. Is there something that can be done? Can I reverse this?
  • I feel like I’m strong in my pelvic floor. I don’t leak. I can do all kinds of exercises. But I see all over Instagram and social media this call to relax, relax, relax your pelvic floor and now I feel confused.

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