6. How a handstand can transform your life

6. How a handstand can transform your life

6. How A Handstand Can Transform

Today I want to share why I love handstands – and how a handstand can change your life!

People think of handstands as being this super advanced pose, which it is, but it’s so much more and I’ve seen firsthand how it’s transformed people’s lives. Beyond the physical movement of getting your weight onto your hands, it moves energy in the body and potential in your spirit and your belief in yourself.

If you’ve never even kinda done a handstand in your life, don’t worry – I was right there with you! I thought I’d never do a handstand in my life, and by the time I was 36, I still hadn’t. But then I started working with neurologically impaired patients.

I saw how they were able to remap their brains to do incredible things no one expected them to be able to do, so I thought, why can’t I remap my brain too?

So if you want to see some of these incredible benefits – stronger core, stronger arms, better alignment, enhanced awareness, and spiritual and emotional work – I suggest being patient and starting small. Learning how to handstand can be a wonderful antidote to our Western mentality of quick fixes or instant gratification.

You can start with something as simple as getting on all fours, putting your weight on your hands, and lifting your knees. Once you start building up your confidence and seeing you CAN do this, you can move on from there.

To learn more about starting your handstand practice (and therapy!), check out the article I wrote for mindbodygreen article called “How Anyone Can Learn To Do a Handstand.”

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Read: “How Anyone Can Learn To Do a Handstand”

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