4. Finding what fuels you with Kristen Fletcher

4. Finding what fuels you with Kristen Fletcher

4. Finding what fuels you

Today I am joined by my dear friend and business partner, Kristen Fletcher, the COO of Movement by Lara!

We talk about all of the things that inspired my journey into movement and she asks me questions about venturing into yoga, becoming an entrepreneur, discovering my mission, and how to find what fuels me.

How did Lara get into yoga?

I took my first yoga class (at a running club of all things) back in 1995. My teacher was a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, which she was calling power yoga. It reminded me of how I felt as a dancer combined with moving through spaces as a runner, and I was immediately hooked!

However, when I went home, I couldn’t find anyone offering yoga near me. So I started reading books, buying VHS tapes, and developing a practice of my own. And over time, it’s only grown on me!

Eventually, I wanted to show this amazing practice to other people so I started teaching.

When did Lara start combining physical therapy with yoga?

I was learning advanced physical therapy techniques and developing my yoga practice simultaneously, but at first, they were pretty much in two different boxes.

But as I started to introduce basic yoga poses to my PT clients and see how those two worlds fit together, my mission started to take form. I want people to join me in peeling back all of the external BS that we place upon our existence so that we can answer some simple but often overlooked questions: How do we want to impact the world around us? How can we be better in our daily lives? How can we feel better? How can we serve others?

I always like to say, “If you want to get out of your own way, be of service!”

What tips does Lara have for someone who wants to invite more discipline into their lives?

Discipline is a muscle – you have to practice it to strengthen it!

And part of that practice has to be movement. If you want anything to change in your life, you have to move! It’s non-negotiable.

However, you don’t have to force yourself to do something that feels like a chore. If you despise walking but love biking, ride a bike. Make movement joyful!

If that feels overwhelming, just know you don’t have to go from 0 to 60 in one day. Break it up and start small.

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