629. Creating a path of liberation with Actress Zuri Adele

629. Creating a path of liberation with Actress Zuri Adele

629. Creating A Path Of Liberation

“Giving myself permission to love myself better and trust my intuition and honor the experiences that I want to have and release the experiences that I don’t want to have has really chiseled down who is closest to me.”


Zuri Adele is an actor, griot, activist, and storyteller known for her role as Malika Williams on the multi-award-winning show Good Trouble. She is passionate about liberation, performance art, wellness, and connecting to her ancestry.

In this episode, she talks with Lara about how she was raised in an environment of creative expression and performance art, which led her to discover her passion for liberation, spiritual practice, and performance. Through her work, she has learned to trust her intuition and honor the experiences she wants to have while releasing those she doesn’t. Listen in for more on her daily rituals, thoughts on activism, and how yoga has fine-tuned that connection between her internal wisdom, spirit, and life.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Exploring the Creative Power of Expression: How did Zuri Adele’s upbringing set the foundation for her journey as an actor, storyteller, griot, and activist?
  2. Uncovering Ancestral Wisdom: How can we reclaim our connection to liberation, and what spiritual practices can help us do so?
  3. Embracing Self-Love: How can we learn to trust our intuition and create boundaries that honor our best interests?


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