624. Non-traditional PT with physical therapist Jerry Yoo

624. Non-traditional PT with physical therapist Jerry Yoo

624. Non-traditional Pt With Physical Therapist

“For anyone who has chronic pain, one of the best antidotes is movement. And it can be the simplest movement. When you move, you will start feeling better.”


Jerry Yoo was on the path to becoming a neurosurgeon when he discovered an unexpected passion for physical therapy. Today, Jerry has found a unique approach to help high-level athletes become faster and more efficient runners and triathletes through his practice, Next Level Physio.

In this episode, Lara talks with Jerry about his non-traditional approach to PT and the challenges they both confront in overturning traditional healthcare practices to offer their clients the absolute best care possible. Listen in for more on the value of looking at the body as a whole rather than a symptomatic approach, and his work directly with high-performance runners and triathletes.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How Jerry’s experience with physical therapy led him to open his own non-traditional PT practice
  2. How running is a skill that needs to be taught and the importance of gait analysis for runners
  3. The role of yoga, pelvic orientation, and the gender differences in hamstring versus quad strength in ACLs


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