609. Solving chronic pain with physical therapist Rick Olderman

609. Solving chronic pain with physical therapist Rick Olderman

656. Resolve Your Pain

Chronic Pain is extremely difficult to live with. Often, people resort to seeing multiple doctors and specialists, but if your entire system isn’t looked at, chronic pain will persist.


In this episode, Lara speaks with Rick Olderman, a fellow PT, author of the “Fixing You” series, and movement genius.

Through his journey of resolving his own back pain, Rick realized there was more to the story than what PT school was teaching. He found that most chronic pain was caused by a combination of factors and that the key to eliminating it was to address all of them. Listen in as Lara and Rick geek out on muscle and joint movement and discuss how your systems are connected, some of what they describe may surprise you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Olderman’s systems-based approach to pain led him to discover that many common chronic pain issues are actually caused by habits and movement patterns that are reinforced by our everyday activities.
  • Techniques on how to test yourself for pain and poor movement, along with small adjustments you can make that work to relieve chronic pain.
  • How to connect the dots between old injuries and/or emotional trauma with current chronic pain.


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