577. How to become one with your sleep with Devin Burke

577. How to become one with your sleep with Devin Burke

577. How To Become One With Your Sleep

Sleep. Everyone needs it, but not everyone gets it. We’re talking good, quality, restful sleep. Devin Burke, a sleep expert, was first introduced to this extremely complex phenomenon when doing some research for a friend. The only solution he found was sleeping pills. Refusing to believe this was the answer, Devin found himself going down the rabbit hole of how sleep is the foundation of health and what people can do to improve it.


In this episode, Lara talks with Devin about insomnia, the many different forms it can take, and practices people can incorporate into their lifestyles to get better sleep. Along the way, you’ll learn the myths society spreads and how quality sleep can be attained with a little biological and psychological mindfulness.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of insomnia and what they mean
  • How to evaluate your feelings and improve your sleep health
  • How meditation and mindfulness can help you dig deeper

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