33 | Traveling, moving through surgery, & love after the bachelor | with Lesley Murphy

33 | Traveling, moving through surgery, & love after the bachelor | with Lesley Murphy

33 | Traveling, Moving Through Surgery
Today I am joined by Lesley Murphy, a travel journalist, TV personality, blogger, and fellow yogi. Lesley is the girl behind the blog, The Road Les Traveled, where she shares her incredible travel stories and more. I met Lesley during a yoga teacher training in Aruba, and I love the charisma she has for life and adventure!


Where do you see your roots being planted?

That’s so hard. Everywhere feels like home to me! This career path has ruined me a little bit because it’s hard for me to pick one place as home.

Do you practice yoga while you travel?

I’ve been practicing for about 8 years now, and wanted to do YTT for a couple of reasons; go deeper into my practice with a better understanding of it, and be certified as a teacher because I want yoga to be a part of my group trips abroad. Traveling does make it difficult to practice consistently.

Can you talk more about your decision to undergo prophylactic surgery?

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I was tested for the gene and tested positive. 40 days later I made the decision to have a double mastectomy. I came out of that surgery never feeling more empowered than that moment.

Tell me about your experience with the bachelor!

It all started when I was in D.C. working in politics when I decided to apply. I wasn’t expecting to get it, but I did! The process was crazy, and I ultimately decided to go for it because I thought I would regret it more if I didn’t do it. I ended up having an amazing time have been connected with the franchise, and went back on for this past Winter Games. I learned a lot about myself.

How do you determine your travel schedule?

When I was starting, I was reaching out to so many travel companies trying to build my business. Now, companies have reached out to me, which is great!


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