17 | Working the wrists & why weight-bearing can help heal them

17 | Working the wrists & why weight-bearing can help heal them

17 | Working The Wrists & Why Weight-bearing

Today’s topic is all about the wrists. I tend to hear a lot of complaints about the wrist in yoga, though I’m sure it’s across the board. Wrists are actually in the top 5 of complaints and injuries in yoga practice! We are using our hands in repetitive motions (think: cell phones) a lot more than we have in the past, so I thought it would be a great subject to talk about with you today. In this episode, you will hear why I teach a more weight-bearing class, and tips and exercises so that you too can create stronger, more adaptable wrists.


When you look at the wrist joint, it may seem small, but it’s a relatively complicated joint. If you look at your arm, you’ll see two parallel bones. These bones meet up at your wrist, and where they meet up is what allows for the different movements the wrist is capable of.


The benefits of working the wrist and forearms are numerous. Practicing warm-up exercises can actually help prevent injury, and can strengthen your wrist, allowing more flexibility for you. If you want stronger shoulders, you need optimize your strength in your hands, wrists, and forearms. There is an energy exchange within your body as well, and having strong wrists will only charge that energetic current more to reach other parts of your body.


In a seated position, rest your hands on your lap, palms up. Take your right hand and grand your left arm, right below the elbow. Begin to gently squeeze the forearm, from the elbow down to the wrist and back. This will help identify areas of tightness.

Now grab the two sides of the bones at the crease of your wrist. Move the bones just a little to see if you can stabilize the bones, then move the forearm around. Squeeze and roll at the same time.

Take your hand and make a first, and then open up the hand as wide as you can. Continue this for sixty seconds. Notice how this feels. Are your fingers getting tired? Hold your hands open, bend your elbows, and turn your palms upward as if you are holding a tray. Use your right hand to grab your left fingers, and gently pull them downward. Repeat on the opposite side, then straighten your elbow and repeat.


You should be doing this daily in order to strengthen your wrists.

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