16 | Manual therapy & myofascial release

16 | Manual therapy & myofascial release

16 | manual therapy
Movement is not necessarily always the end all be all, and that means that we need to apply more to movement in order to feel our best. That is where today’s episode topic comes in: manual therapy! We are going to talk about just what manual therapy is, and why it’s great if you have different issues within the body that movement patterns aren’t fully addressing.


What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is when someone manually comes in and helps you with the way you move, and address and release any of the restrictions that might be in your underlying tissues.

What is fascia?

Around your muscles, you have fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that runs around the muscle and through the different muscle connections. Once you get a feeling of your tension, you can start to learn how to help the area soften.

How do you do manual therapy?

Begin by feeling where you get senses of tautness on your body. What I teach my students helps them feel the mobility of the tissue. This can help people relax and increase their range of motion.

What is your comfort on being touched?

Human touch is so needed. Touch is so healing! As a yoga teacher, I provide adjustments, but I do not provide adjustments to go deeper into a pose. Rather, I suggest learning how to provide light pressure into a tissue.


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