112 | What to do about knee pain | with Lara Heimann

112 | What to do about knee pain | with Lara Heimann

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Today’s podcast is all about knee pain. I have so many people ask me on a regular basis what they can do about the pain that they are experiencing in the knee or knees, and the knee is one of the most common body parts to get injured. The types of knee pain that people experience are due to a variety of causes and a lot of it is to do with the anatomy of the knee itself. The most common thing that I deal with is overuse injuries, but so much of this can be avoided or can be remedied when you work on your overall mechanics of the body, and that starts with how you stand.


Things to look at if you are experiencing knee pain include:

  • How are your hip and your ankle moving?
  • What is your running technique like?
  • Are your glutes weak?
  • Can you stand on one leg easily and not let that hip slide out to the side or do you kind of lock out at the knee?
  • Is your core weak?
  • Are you doing a variety of movements?
  • Are you overly training in one particular way?
  • Did you increase whatever you were doing really, really quickly?


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