107 | Leave your problems at the door | with Lara Heimann

107 | Leave your problems at the door | with Lara Heimann

107 | leave your problems at the door

This episode is titled “How To Leave Your Problems At The Door” and I use the example of my yoga teacher training classes to show how important it is to put space between the various parts of our lives. However, the episode is aimed at anyone who needs to put boundaries between work, home, and social life.

How do we create “safety zones” in our lives between those various parts of our day-to-day existence? I see this a great deal in my yoga teacher training and I say to my students that, whatever is going on in their personal lives, they will need to be careful not to bring them to class as teachers. As yoga educators, you’re of service to others. I tell them they should guide and support the experience of students. That’s difficult to do if you bring in outside problems.

This applies to anyone who comes home after work with related stress. It’s so important to leave these problems, worries, and stresses that happened during the workday, at the door. Leave whatever is happening in your work life there, like a coat. It’ll still be there tomorrow but may well feel lighter after being given some space.

The yoga mat gives us an opportunity to practice this. Through movement, we can shed some of this. There’s a different energy about you when you go to work and vice versa. If there are problems, practice not taking them into separate spaces. Use your movement exercises on the mat to change your mood.

This will enable you to keep your feelings apart.


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