105 | Trip planning and dealing with the unexpected | with Mark Heimann

105 | Trip planning and dealing with the unexpected | with Mark Heimann

105 | Trip Planning And Dealing With The Unexpected

In this episode I chat with my husband Mark about the planning of hikes and trails including which matters need to be taken into account before you set out. We also talk about our original inspiration behind hiking and how to deal with unexpected events.

We also chat about the following:

  • Doing the research before hiking.
  • Factoring in time frames for the hikes.
  • Including children’s needs on the trip.
  • The drawbacks of going through tour companies.
  • With vegan needs, it’s often much better (and more cost-effective) to do the arranging yourself.
  • The importance of booking well in advance.
  • Planning for rainy days.
  • Get the lightest shoes that you still find comfortable.
  • The importance of using hiking poles. Great for balance and working your core.

We also talk about why we choose to go on trails in the UK and go into detail about the natural advantages of walking through this country. Keeping an extensive blog of each is also highly recommended, something that becomes an invaluable resource for both you and other hikers.

The needs of children are so vital. We talk about the needs of our daughter Olivia on the hike in the middle of Wales. Her stomach virus meant we needed to create a plan B. As parents we could see she was struggling so made the contingency plan to fly her home with our friends.


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