102 | Selecting the right yoga teacher training | with Lara Heimann

102 | Selecting the right yoga teacher training | with Lara Heimann

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More and more people are entering yoga teacher training each and every year. Sometimes people enter these classes, not so much to train as a teacher, but to deepen their knowledge of yoga. However, what you often don’t know when you sign up for classes is what you’re going to get for your money.


As well as the logistics of attending these intensive training sessions, there are a number of other things you should research.

These include:

  • Do you like the teacher’s philosophy?
  • Does the teacher have a good understanding of the body?
  • Do they understand the body in movement?
  • Are they teaching you to teach yoga?

I use the example of my cousin to demonstrate this. She wanted to do yoga teacher training and signed up with a famous school. However, she found that it was not really relevant to her. She wanted to learn about the body, and learn how to teach people. She learned from her initial response and eventually found what she was looking for. The point I make is that you need to make sure the teachers are top quality and understand exactly what you want to learn.

  1. Make sure the teacher or school, offers exactly the type of yoga training you want to learn.
  2. If logistics are impossible, check out online courses.
  3. Immersive courses work well.
  4. Being in a destination and learning in person is wonderful.
  5. Understand the style and the teachers of the school.
  6. Are they teaching you how to teach yoga?

Hone in on the type of yoga you want to teach, the type of teacher that you want to learn from, and make that the Number One thing. Have the patience, the perseverance, and the clarity to go for what you want.


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