LYT gift guide 2021

LYT gift guide 2021

Get that gift list ready! Our second annual holiday gift guide will have you checking things off for family and friends in no time, whether they’ve been naughty OR nice! We’ve got exclusive discounts on some of our favorite things so all you have to do is tie these perfect presents up with a bow and get them under the tree. Shopping for yourself? We won’t tell! Treat yourself—we’ve made it through 2021!

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1. Vivo Barefoot

We know that spending more time being barefoot means better balance, proprioception, and body awareness which all provide feedback for better foot mechanics. When we have better foot mechanics, we can optimize the hips, knees and you guessed it…THE CORE. When the occasion calls for shoes, throw on Vivo Barefoot—they are wide, flexible, and thin to mirror the fan-shaped, flexible, and sensory nature of our feet. 

 Vivo Barefoot starts at $135

Lara’s pick: Magna FG in Obsidian – These shoes take you from city to summit – the knitted collar is engineered to allow for enhanced natural foot and ankle mobility. Lightweight, flexible, and durable; this is outdoor and everyday footwear rolled into one and perfected for feet.

Save 10% with AJBARE10

Shop at

2. Asha Patel Designs

“Just breathe” is the mantra of Asha Patel—a pharmacist turned jewelry maker whose designs are symbolic but simple and brimming with intention. Mixed with meaningful gems and edgy materials, her designs are about female power, strength, and beauty.

Asha Patel Designs start at $55

Lara’s pick: East-West Trikon Drop Necklace—it embodies light, intention, energy, and prosperity—all the things we need this holiday season and into the new year!

Save 15% with LYTYOGA, exclusions may apply

Shop at

3. Ted’s Brain Science

Developed by neuroscientist Ted Price, his pre-clinical research found that resveratrol may reset the pain threshold in injured nerves, cutting back on false pain, while allowing important pain signals to still make it through. Now that’s advanced pain relief! Perfect for tendinitis, muscle strains, carpal tunnel, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and sore muscles, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who needs a little R+R—relief and recovery!

Ted’s Brain Science starts at $24

Lara’s pick: Ted’s professional strength cream is made with a formula catered to the needs of neuropathy patients and patients on blood thinners or those who are allergic to aspirin or NSAIDs—relief for all!

Save 15% with LYTYOGA

Shop at

4. Nuvita 

Looking for a little self-care that gives back? Nuvita CBD oils are all hemp-derived, contain less than .3% THC, and comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. From helping to balance your mood and inflammation, to tummy troubles and problems sleeping, their oils have a wide therapeutic range, and every month they hand-select a charity that supports vulnerable women and children. They also have a pet-safe formula that is specifically formulated for your furry friend!

Nuvita CBD oils start at $55.50 for humans, $19.50 for pets

Lara’s pick: CBG Infused Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Save 10% with NEW LIFE

Shop at

5. K-Deer Activewear

K-Deer is an LGBTQ, female-founded, and led company committed to designing high-quality activewear that’s joyful, unique, supportive, and inclusive of ALL HUMANS. They believe fit, comfort, and confidence are connected, so their clothes are designed for performance first. Their innovative material won’t lose resiliency over time and will even shape comfortably around a growing baby bump. Their moisture-wicking fabric is H2O friendly and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Their bold and vibrant prints inspire us to live boldly and honestly as the best version of ourselves, and we hope you will too!

K-Deer leggings start at $88.00

Lara’s pick: K-Deer’s Mabel Stripe signature design has created a movement of treating the world with love and kindness.

Save 20% with LYT20, exclusions apply.

Shop at

6. Florissana

We will spend a reported $15,000 on skincare products in our lifetime. But what is really in the products we put on our skin, and what is it doing to us and the world around us? If you have been looking for cosmetics that are high quality, eco-friendly and cruelty-free, then look no further! Florissana is a curated store of natural cosmetics by Jana Broeckx—a member of our own LYT community!

Florissana starts at $10.00

Lara’s pick: The Dirty Pretty Things revitalizing face mask is loaded with a blend of traditional herbs, spices, and antioxidants to cool and heal the skin after a long day of moving and teaching!

Save 15% with LYTYOGA

Shop at

7. Sobrietà Boutique

Living alcohol-free doesn’t mean you have to stick to water and soda! This holiday season, enjoy some healthy non-alcoholic alternatives that will surely make your taste buds happy! This boutique also has a great collection of uncommon goods perfect for any adult on your list!

Sobrietà Boutique starts at $10.00

Lara’s pick: Teetotaler White Wine—because wine not?

Save 10% with YOGA

Shop at

8. Baxter Blues

Sitting for too long in front of our screens leads to pain in our head, neck, shoulders, back, AND hips, but it can also place a tremendous strain on our eyes! With the workforce spending an average of 7 hours looking at screens each day, we are exposed to tremendous amounts of blue light, resulting in interrupted sleep, migraines, and eye disease. Block out the harmful blue light with Baxter Blues with function and style!

Baxter Blues start at $95.00

Lara’s pick: the DREW in cappuccino because why can’t we feel good and look good for all of those Zoom calls?

Save 15% with code YOGA15

Shop at

9. Rovectin

“To return back to where it was” is what reverti means in Latin and is also where the name, Rovectin, originated from. Rovectin began when a brother simply wanted to help his sister restore her severely damaged skin from chemotherapy. Now it is a celebrated brand with incredible restorative qualities for all skin types. While we may not be able to turn back time, (and after the last year and a half, we might not want to) we can at least care for our skin and keep it looking healthy and fresh!

Rovectin starts at $19.00

Lara’s pick: Barrier Repair Facial Set—a cleanser, moisturizer, and anti-aging oil to complete your skincare routine!

Save 15% with code LYT15

Shop at

10. Kanuda

Physical Therapists unite! A pillow that helps with alignment and posture? Sign us up! Kanuda is the perfect pillow that integrates physical therapy benefits to ensure proper neck alignment while sleeping on your side, helping to reduce pain and sleep better!

Kanuda starts at $79.00

Lara’s pick: Piano Air Pillow – this pillow is designed to provide cervical spine and shoulder support with a soft yet elastic texture.

Save 15% using code LYT15

Shop at

11. Sohum Candle

When you light your Sohum candle, SoHum illuminates your intention—be it a room to smell good, to a life to be more enriched. Together, let’s brighten our awareness that we are safe, we are supported, and we are loved. 

Sohum Candles start at $15.00

Lara’s pick: Cardamom Tea + Citrus—fill your room with the scents of grapefruit, ginger, cardamom, tea, pink pepper, cinnamon, and amber, balanced by cedar and vetiver for a sophisticated holiday punch redux!

Save 25% using code LYT25

Shop at

12. *NEW* LYT Yoga Mat

After this last year, we may need an extra reminder—WE CAN and WE WILL! Our new yoga mat designed exclusively by Lara gives us a compass to better align our down dog and handstand and helps us guide our directions in our practice.

Mat costs $111

Save 20% with code GIFT GUIDE

Shop at 

13. Rollga

One of our favorite foam rollers on the market, Rollga is designed to stabilize the hips, align the back, and increase range of motion, and is ideal for muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Because of its contoured shape that fits the curves of our body, this roller reaches trigger points that are difficult to reach with ordinary rollers while naturally restoring our fascia lubrication and helping to stimulate oxygen-rich blood flow for healing!

Rollga starts at $49.99

Save 15% with ALLYBNOEL

Shop at

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