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Yael Sagi LYT Yoga Teacher Israel

Yael Sagi


Primary Studio
Tel Aviv
English, Hebrew
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

HEADS UP - This is not a “by the book” kind of Bio.

My name is Yael Sagi, Israeli , made in 85’ and this is my private road of Yoga.

I'm gonna be brutally honest with you.
Yoga for me wasn’t a “love at first sight”.
Yoga? Yoga who? What the f**k is Yoga?? Spirituality? Physical practice? Meditation? Breathing? Discipline? Om? Shanti? What the hell are you talking about ?
I’m an artist, a designer, a multipotentialite, a “too-much”er, a “not enough”er, an over-critical, a rocker/metal-header/blues-country-folker, an ‘off roader’/‘off gridder’, a restricted-free-spirit, a smoker, an addict, somewhat a rebel somewhat a pleaser, hot-blooded, hot-tempered, hyper-sensitive, high-exepectionist , underestimater , I don’t believe in anything, I doubt everything, unsatisfied with myself and with what the world has to offer and so on… you get the idea.
Yoga as a practice, Yoga as a concept was so far away from me.
I labeled it - “It’s not for me”.
But life as we all know, is unexpected.
At some point in my life I started feeling bad. I was upset all the time, I felt uncomfortable, I was super sensitive and felt like my skin is way too thin to protect me from the world and that everything can penetrate through it, super fragile, weak and hopeless.
Life and living became a struggle.
So I decided to make a change and to shatter everything and to allow myself to dissolve. To not have any specific shape or form and just see where it takes me.
As a part of this big change I was going through in my life, I started practicing Japanese Calligraphy and unintentionally, through this practice I experienced for the first time in my life, the power of breathing, occupational meditation and being self conscious in an empowering way .
I didn't really know much about yoga back then but I did know it will get me to move, breath and be more aware.
I tried different types of Yoga styles and realized that Ashtanga was the right way for me ( If I'd only known about LYT yoga back then! ). But you know what, everything happens for a reason.
I'm a curious person, and I started asking a lot of WHY s. I'm not the kind of person that just follows instructions. I wanted to understand WHY and what is the purpose of each asana and how it affects the body and mind.
Therefore my first Yoga Teacher Training was Yoga alignment ( Iyengar based ) , anatomy and kinesiology.
Fast Forward a year after studying Alignment yoga, I discovered LYT yoga and BOOM!! It was love at first sight. Thanks to the LYT method, any WHY question I had was answered without me even asking. I've been practicing the LYT method daily! and I've never felt better, both physically and mentally. I can't even start explaining how it changed my life because it did in so many aspects. It helped me peel off so many unnecessary layers and revealed to me the power of my core (both physically and mentally). This is why I’ve decided I want to teach this amazing method.
My goals are to make yoga approachable, accessible and appealing to people like me who think "Yoga is not for them". I want to help people to get familiar their body and how to get it to function better so they can move better, breathe better, think better and feel better.
There is so much that the LYT method has given me and I want to spread the word.
I was certified as a LYT yoga teacher in September 2020 and have been teaching this incredible method since then.
I'm thankful for making a change in my life, taking it into action and breaking my own concepts. For me this journey isn't so much about becoming anything, it's about unbecoming everything that wasn't really me so I can be who I was meant to be in the first place.

I’m currently teaching private one-on-one / intimate groups sessions in Israel and online Zoom sessions.

I’m here for you - contact me via mail