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Tunde Acsai


Primary Studio
English, Hungarian
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I am teaching classes in person in Kuwait or online classes from anywhere around the world, LYT Yoga has definitely changed me as a person, as a yoga practitioner and as a teacher.

Here is my story.

I have always been a very active person physically and been doing all sort of different sports in my entire life since childhood, including years of competitive acrobatic dance, swimming, playing squash during university, running, cycling and so on. I only discovered yoga in my twenties, when it was the most needed for me. It thought me how to remain in the present and to be in touch with my own body. After moving countries and relocating from London to the Middle East I decided to make a big move and leave the corporate world for going after my passion in movement, human anatomy and physical and mental health. I went through a teacher's training in contemporary Pilates, become certified and started working full time as an instructor.
I have since practiced with a lot of different people, cultures, body types and personalities. I have gained great knowledge about people, movement, movement patterns, body alignment and corrections for which I am very passionate about. I then decided to enhance my knowledge by studying about special conditions and active rehabilitation for common pathologies. The clinical approach to movement comes natural to me since I grew up in a family of doctors and medical professionals. I have inherited a great passion for people’s health, healing, the human anatomy and improving wellbeing.

I was still regularly practicing yoga and this is when I found Lara Heimann and the LYT Yoga method.
I was immediately drew into this method of yoga and felt that I have finally really found myself. When the teacher's training was announced I signed up right away and that was proven to be the best decision I have made. It gave me way more than I expected, the vast knowledge we have learnt, the philosophy, the carefully crafted method of practice and the personnel growth was just beyond words. It had a great effect on me as a person, on my teaching and it gave me such a confidence as a movement professional.
Completing all the Level 2 courses have raised my knowledge and experience into a whole new level.