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Tina Elbracht


Primary Studio
Holy Cat Yoga
English, German
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi, I am Tina!

LYT yoga has revolutionized my understanding of body and mind and enriched my life in many ways. It is incredible how much joy, lightness and energy this kind of functional yoga creates.

I live in Germany and completed my first teacher training in 2018 in India where I was trained in Hatha, Asthanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Since 2019 I am a certified Personal Yoga Coach.

I love to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you and help you better understand yourself and your body. Once you realize the importance of functional movement and good posture, you can move smarter and safer and feel better. My goal is to inspire you to live yoga on and off the mat so you experience the holistic benefits daily and feel strong, healthy and joyful in your body and mind.

I teach group classes and private sessions in German and English, both online & offline. Whether you are a total newbie to yoga or have been practicing for a while - you are in good hands with me!