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Growing up in Hungary and now residing in beautiful SW France, living an active and healthy lifestyle was engrained in her at an early age by her father who taught Physical Education. She began to take yoga classes in 2012 and experienced a “profound transformation,” prompting her to become an independent yoga teacher after sitting behind a desk for 10 years doing office work. As Rita continued her yoga journey, she began to getting injured from yoga due to her intense practice.

After finding Lara on Instagram for some time, Rita completed a 5 day posture challange and ended up winning 1 year of LYT® daily access! She was hesitant to shift her way of thinking about movement at first but couldn’t deny how positive her body was reacting to the LYT® practice. “It provided me more body awareness, sharpened my observational skills and gave me a lot of scientific and subtle understanding of skills and my mindset changed,” she explains.

Rita went on to complete her online LYT 200-hour teacher training, went on and completed the 300 hour. LTY Level 2 too. “Becoming certified in the LYT® method has reignited my spark to teach yoga,” she continues. “Because of its smart approach and focus on offering anatomically safe movement that provides a sustainable movement practice, students simply become stronger and more educated.”

Currently, Rita shares her teachings online and in person in French, English and Hungarian working with women over 40 and also with master rowers. “I am committed to spread LYT® yoga as wide as possible and build a community of practitioners who enjoy learning about their body and themselves and take their beautiful spirits to heart on and off the mat. Peace within makes peace outside.”
She co-hosts a movement podcast in French to bring the essentials of the benefits of LYT®yoga available in different languages.

She believes that a strong and healthy spirit will get us through the changes we are living in the world now, After graduating from law school in a foreign country, finishing a half marathon with bruised ribs and skydiving twice, Rita is one femme forte! You can follow her at @blissbubble.rita