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Rachna Patel


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi there, I am the founder and creator of yogaliTy; yoga being union of the mind, body, spirit and human consciousness and 'ility' is the Latin suffix for the ability "to do". The English dictionary currently has over 1,000 words ending with 'ility' and I use these words to connect people with their inner ability to do, to move, to find optimal posture and to be free within their spirit.

MY WHAT: I am a LYT Yoga Method teacher and a Postural Alignment Therapist. I am born and raised Kenyan, living in Nairobi. I am an experienced athlete; played field hockey from a young age, through to county level in England. I have run & trained for several marathons and half marathons. I played golf nationally for Kenya. I have been a yogi for over a decade. Recently practicing and teaching the LYT Yoga Method for 2 years now.

MY WHY: I discover possibiliTies for clients, through movement, to heal themselves by finding optimal posture, experiencing optimal movement and, therefore, living optimally too.
MY MOTTO: Optimal posture = optimal movement = optimal living AND optimal giving. It is the ultimate freedom to pain free and purposeful living.

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