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Rachel Wallace


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi, my name is Rachel and I teach LYT in Monaghan, Ireland.
I discovered a love of yoga when travelling, & took my first 200hr teacher training in 2010 in India. It was transformational and wonderful to be immersed in the culture and philosophy of yoga and to deepen my practice. I continued to practice and teach while travelling and spent a year in Toronto trying out as many styles of yoga as possible.
But as I still did not feel 100% confident to teach I returned to India for a 300hr in 2012.
I then began teaching group classes in Monaghan part time while working and continuing my education.
While in India I had taken Reiki level 1 & 2 and was interested in energy therapies.
That led me to study a diploma in Neuro Energetic Kinesiology finished in 2017 while expecting my son.
I also trained in The Child Centre Method a kinesiology system that integrates primitive reflexes through movement and other techniques.
Unfortunately I developed back pain after pregnancy and it took a long time to get under control with the help of many therapists; physio, acupuncture, nutrition and kinesiology but the final piece of recovery and maintenance was changing my yoga practice.
I discovered LYT on instagram and was instantly hooked. The anatomy of movement was not overlooked and finally I had a sensible but strong practice, in fact I have never felt stronger.
LYT aligns completely with what I have learnt in Neuro energetic kinesiology, child centre method and from my own personal pain experience.
I completed LYT level 1 in 2022 and hope to continue with Level 2 soon.
My aim is to bring this amazing method to my students, to educate and keep people moving in a variety of ways, pain free and joyfully for there whole lives.

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