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rachel brownbridge


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Rachel co-runs a Holistic studio in the Norwegian ski town Geilo, with a focus on learning, healing and wellbeing. Her truest work is through teaching the healing power of sensing our bodies through intuitive awareness. You will find Rachel facilitating personal development through, Yoga Nidra, functional yoga and individual guidance and training to develop each person's intuitive practices. She works closely with relieving and helping clients find relatable ways to manage stress overwhelm and anxiety, with emphasis on regulating the nervous system, all with the intention of presence, clarity, and freedom.
When we feel at home in our body, we are standing in our highest potential. The world needs more people who feel safe, strong and resilient in their body, this is how all beings thrive.

Rachel is also certified in Reiki healing, Thai yoga massage & life purpose mentoring & uses all of her skills to create a warm and inviting experience.

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