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Mona Kalliny


Primary Studio
Cairo, Egypt
Arabic, English
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I have chosen to become a LYT instructor because I was looking for something with a lot more depth.

I used to have a gut feeling that there was something deep missing in my previous different practices/ fitness classes we would move, flow & sweat but my gut still told me that there was something missing. I would get exhausted after a class & in others i would feel that my body is craving for something deeper to ground me but i wasn't sure what it was, so i was never able to fully explain it.

Since i leaned to be more bendy I felt that i wanted more deep engagement, deeper strength, something to ground me somehow, somewhere within the body, however i was encouraged to become more bendy & because I was unbalanced it led eventually to having multiple injuries.

LYT showed me that my intuition was right & there is something deeper we can reach for all body types & feel great during & after any class!

LYT has totally changed my physical being in a very positive way.
It allows me to share & help others to move & have fun on & off the mat & avoid injuries because it works at such a detailed level.

It helps unleash your potential, stability, true power & strength.

It allows me to become the change i crave & wish to see in the world. because's all about the details!

I'll be more than happy to help you at whatever stage you are at your Journey! It's transformational!
Lets do it.... lets get LYT!

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Cairo, Egypt