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Mireille Yadi


Arabic, English
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi! before LYT I am a gymholic & yogi with a 500H multi style certified yoga teacher. I am very passionate about how LYT Yoga method works in the body & the brain. The Physical Therapy, science & functional movement foundation have upgraded all my knowledge about understanding movement. It has made me stronger, improved all my imbalances & posture caused by long working office hours.

LYT empowered me to understand the "why" in movement, which is ESSENTIAL because what is more powerful than moving the body how it is supposed to!

A side of being a Yoga teacher I love to support, upgrade & lift people, LYT is my science tool that made me also a "MOVEMENT EDUCATOR". it makes me feel better, energized for life & stronger from within my body. it is not only a practice it is AN EXPERIENCE that changed my life, my mind & my body & that makes me too eager to share it & teach it to other people.

I believe a healthy, safe & strong movement pattern is like having a safe place to live in. our BODY is our HOME in this life, that's what should keep us wise when choosing a movement style.