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Melissa Gonzaga-Lee


Bristol County, MA
Primary Studio

Fairhaven, MA
English, Tagalog
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I am a licensed physical therapist for 16 years in various settings. I am an avid fitness enthusiast. I do weightlifting, home/gym workouts, HIIT, spin classes, outdoor activities (hiking, paddleboarding, cold immmersions, yoga on my paddleboard, sailing, annual tough mudder, aerial yoga).

I do as much as I can to stay active and make it fun. I have also attended the wim hof fundamentals workshop to diversify my fitness skills box.

I have a passion for health and wellness. I love to teach people on how to improve their function and well-being. I believe Yoga is that bridge to incorporate my skills as a PT and my passion for teaching and improving people’s quality of life.

I am also a certified stroke rehab specialist, soft tissue manual therapist, vibration specialist, and kinesiology taping.

I am so excited to share the knowledge and LYT practice in southcoast Massachusetts and hopefully soon bring it with me to the Philippines.