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Melanie Thomas

Melanie Thomas


English, French
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi! I'm Melanie, and I'm a Yoga Instructor based in Kingston, Surrey UK and I teach across Central and West London. I am trained in Vinyasa yoga, Meditation, and most recently in LYT yoga, which transformed my practice and teaching.

My vision is to share the tangible, practical benefits of yoga, across asana, meditation, breathwork, and yoga philosophy, to enable my students to feel freer in their bodies, calmer in their minds, and find meaning & purpose in their lives. Ultimately, I think yoga offers us the tools to find calm amidst a busy world, and what can be more powerful?!

In my classes, you can expect...

1) Education! I want my students to feel empowered by their understanding of the body, and equip them with practical tools to help improve how they feel in their bodies and minds

2) Acceptance - In our modern society, we are bombarded with messages that we are not enough - not thin enough, not strong enough, not eating well enough, not happy enough! I believe Yoga offers an alternate message, that we are already enough as we are right now. We start from there.

3) Play :) I believe yoga can and should be JOYFUL! It gives us access to a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity and can bring positivity to our lives. I hope that my students leave my classes with a sense of lightness in their bodies and spirits

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