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Maria Webb


Crozet, VA
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I have always loved health and fitness, and was drawn to yoga in 2010 for a full body approach to exercise. I soon discovered that a strong asana practice opens the heart and mind. I love all kinds of yoga but, for my own practice, I am mostly drawn to classes that are physically challenging with an emphasis on functional movement, alignment, arm balances, inversions, and pratryhara. I completed my RYT 200h in 2011 at PCYH (Princeton NJ), then continued my Yoga Teaching Training (again in Princeton NJ) with a 2nd 200h in 2013-2015 with Lara Heimann in the LYT method.. I completed my 500h with Lara and the LYT Team in 2022. Over the years, my teaching focuses on 2 populations: an athletic population that practices with lots of "sweat equity" and those who have modest to significant movement restrictions for various reasons. I have a PhD from Penn State in Physiology, and am a certified Health and Fitness Specialist from ACSM focusing on exercise physiology to assist in various disease interventions.