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Lisa Holmes


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi my name is Lisa and I first found yoga around 19 years ago when my eldest daughter was born, I dabbled On and off but never really stuck with it , I struggled to find an inperson class that I loved. Years later I started at the
Gym, this then led to me starting to teach group exercise classes, (which I loved) I taught different classes one was a programme called BodyBalance from Les Mills, this reignited my passion for Yoga, after a serious back injury, lots of pain and being told I needed surgery I focused solely on yoga, I found an inspiring teacher and then truly started a regular yoga practice. I believe that because of yoga my back was healed, I was able to come off painkillers and no surgery was ever needed. And yoga didn’t just help me physically, it did amazing things for me emotionally and mentally too.
I believe that Yoga / Movement is magic, That through the practice of yoga we get to know ourselves a little better, we shift some of the ‘stuff’ that we’ve been carrying around (physical or emotional) and while on the mat we get to express ourselves completely freely. For me; Yoga creates a sense of freedom in both body and mind, it’s a time to explore and play. And those things we explore and do on the mat , they follow us off the mat, into our lives, helping us find balance and strength.
I share yoga in a way that I hope empowers people to find their own groove, that gives people the confidence to just do their thing.
I would absolutely love you to join me for a class sometime. Please get in touch with any questions or queries.
Love, lisa

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