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Lindy Halmer

Lindy Halmer


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Helping you to find your Sparkle!

Lindy found her love for yoga over 10 years ago, during a very busy time in her life when she was juggling a full time job and part time study. She needed something which helped her to relax and switch off and found it on the mat.

Already, after the first class, Lindy was fascinated by the positive effects yoga had on her body and mind, and she wanted more of that magic stuff. Over the years, yoga has become part of her daily routine and her practice helped her to grow in all aspects of her life.

Lindy loves sharing her knowledge about yoga and her own journey to help her students on their path of exploring, growing and enjoying the magic of yoga and finding their sparkle.

Lindy is based in Dublin, Ireland and offers in Studio and online classes. Visit for more details.