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Katrina Latimer Yoga Teacher

Katrina Latimer


Huntersville, NC
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I am on a mission to help people feel better and move better in whatever they do! I love to share my passion and enthusiasm for yoga, mobility and movement with others, including my husband and two young boys (when they let me).

I TEACH YOGA AND MOBILITY BECAUSE I BELIEVE MOVEMENT IS KEY TO A HEALTHY, HAPPY AND LONG LASTING LIFE. It is through the specific styles I teach that we can be taught more than just movement--we experience a greater mind-body-spirit connection and learn about our bodies along the way.

During my teaching journey I have always enjoyed learning about movement modalities, different ways to approach a move or yoga pose, and the functionality of the human body. These things, among others, have fueled my desire for additional education and training. I completed my first 200 hr vinyasa training in 2014 with Kim Zegil and my 300 hr advanced vinyasa training in 2018 with Rolf Gates. Since then I have expanded my knowledge of the body every chance I can, including an additional 200 hr training in LYT Yoga Method with Lara Heimann, a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification with Functional Range Systems, a Functional Range Assessment Certification with FRS and a Kinstretch Certification with FRS. Lastly, I am certified to teach Prenatal Yoga and have additional training with Leslie Howard in the Pelvic Floor.

When you move with me, you will see that I like to keep my classes interesting. They are filled with detailed instruction and creative sequencing that integrate the science of physical therapy, biomechanics and mobility training influenced by yoga philosophy and traditional yoga practice. In essence, it unifies the traditional teachings of yoga with the modern understanding of the body from scientific principles and the science of biomechanics.

In the style I teach, we utilize brain mapping to re-wire poor movement habits resulting in a sustainable practice that helps you move better not only in the time you spend on your mat, but more importantly, in your life. You can expect a light-hearted attitude to accompany what can seem like an overwhelming task to accomplish and I would love nothing more than to guide you on your mat!

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