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Jenny Van Sistine


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Jenny resides in the serene landscapes of Southern Utah, where she eagerly introduces LYT Yoga by bringing its transformative power to this part of the world. With a background in dance and a passion for movement, she embarked on her yoga journey in 2016. However, it wasn't until she discovered LYT Yoga in 2019 that her practice took a profound turn for the better. Jenny earned her first 200hr yoga certification in Aruba, and her commitment to growth led her to pursue another 200hr yoga certification in the LYT Method in 2023.

Currently, Jenny teaches weekly yoga classes and offers personalized, one-on-one sessions, enabling her to make a meaningful impact on individuals seeking to move better, establish a deeper connection with their bodies, and experience more power and grace. Witnessing her clients' progress as they establish a greater sense of balance in the mind and body fuels Jenny's passion for teaching.

Jenny's own practice serves as a wellspring of motivation and inspiration. She continuously dedicates herself to strengthening her mind and body on the mat while nurturing her knowledge of optimal movement and good body mechanics. Her unwavering commitment to grow her capacities as an instructor allows her to better serve her community and those around her.

Outside of yoga, Jenny cherishes her time with her loving husband and their three energetic children. Dancing with friends, traveling as much as possible, exploring nature, embarking on new adventures with her kids, and enjoying date nights with her husband bring joy to her life.

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