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Fiona Flecken


English, German
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio


my name is Fiona - living on the beautiful island Malta.

My yoga journey started more or less in my 20's, but I found the deep connection during my pregnancy. With the change of my body, the uprooting from my old life and the new challenges, I inevitably began to question my previous lifestyle and related decisions. Out of this grew the desire to take a new path for myself and with it the step to my personal yoga practice and my first yoga teacher training in 2019. I took further trainings to educate myself in prenatal and postnatal yoga to give love and support to others on their journey of motherhood.

Although I practiced yoga almost every day, I suffered from back and shoulder pain for years. I became more interesting in movement patterns, a good posture on and off the mat and the why behind! This led me to LYT that helped me break the cycle of disadvantageous movements. As moving in my new routines made me feel so much stronger, more stable and free of pain, I never looked back to my previous way of movement.

As a certified LYT Yoga® teacher (Level 1), I’m excited to share my passion for yoga and sustainable movement with you online and in-person in Malta.

See you on the mat!

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