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Emmanuelle Parr


English, French
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Bonjour! Hello!

My name is Emmanuelle but everyone calls me Manue.

I am French, and I teach in English in Oxford, and sometimes in France.

I do teach with a French accent so you might hear a lot of "inge from your ips" and "step ze foot forward" in my classes.

However these instructions are pronounced, my aim is to make you love the LYT method as much as I do.

My passion is for students to understand which structures in our body are there to support and stabilise us, and which structures are there to move us. This understanding unlocks strength and lightness.

There is magic when you understand that in everything there needs to be a balance between freedom and discipline. On the yoga mat, we aim to find this balance.

And I hope that what you discover on the mat you can take out into your life: strength with lightness, freedom with discipline.

So drop me an email or reach to me on Instagram!

With gratitude,