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Eleanor Choudhury


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Ellie is a philosophy teacher, yoga teacher and holistic therapist. She first encountered vedanta, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit during her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology. She pursued her academic studies in these areas for several years whilst teaching Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at a high school in London, UK. Finally realising the need for an embodied practice to bring these concepts to life, she completed her first yoga teacher training in Kerala, India in 2011. Throughout the last decade, Ellie has continued to deepen her studies and practice with her teachers in India, UK and USA. She completed her first LYT yoga teacher training in 2021 and plans to continue to train with Lara Heimann, whose safe, functional and efficient method of physical yoga practice brings traditional concepts firmly in line with the latest research in physiology and biomechanics.

Ellie lives in Mysore, India, with her husband who is also a yoga teacher. Together they run BE Holistic, a platform that promotes yoga and wellbeing for every body. All of Ellie's classes are conducted online via Zoom.