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Deva De Pra


Primary Studio
Lyb movement
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi! My name is Deva and I'm italian.
I started teaching yoga in 2014, but then I quit. I was looking for something that was able to make me feel more in tune with myself and more grounded. So I welcomed the world of movement, as simple as it sounds. There I found Lara Heimann and her LYT method. I feel in love with it and I graduated with the first online teacher training in 2020. Now I teach the lyt method through my LYB MOVEMENT classes: lyb stands for Love Your Body and Love Your Brain, and also for LYBeration! Movement to me is something that can bring us the sense of freedom and enable us to take care of ourself, our amazing bodies and our incredible minds.
I love the way we feel during and after the class, and the way you end up to feel if you keep doing them over time. You can feel more centered, balanced, integrated and strong. The benefits can be seen and felt in all aspects of your human nature. I currently teach on zoom and the classes are in italian!
I'm looking forward to share with you what I've learnt, having fun together!