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Debbi Gitterman


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I have been practicing yoga for well over 20 years and teaching for about half that, having been part of Lara's inaugural YTT. I have assisted Lara in dozen's of workshops around the globe and have led almost as many in the Princeton area. I teach regular classes at the YogaStream studio and have a number of private client. My corporate clients, past and present, include Whole Foods, Wegman's, Ripen, and the Princeton University Art Museum.

I teach across all levels but my love is beginners and novices, infusing humor and patience into their practice.. My yoga philosophy is easily summed up: touching your toes is overrated! Too many people think because they aren't flexible they shouldn't practice. CRAZY! I believe yoga is for EVERY body, no matter what shape or size or level of fitness. Strength, movement, pliability, and resiliency are what I teach, in the body and in the spirit, in order to feel great inside and out!.

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LYT Yoga Princeton (YogaStream)
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Princeton, NJ