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Darja Baigatschewa


Lachen SZ
English, German, Russian
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I am the curly yoga teacher Darja. Born in Kasachstan I have spent the last 22 years in Germany. Since May 2021 I live in the beautiful area of Switzerland where I am teaching LYT Yoga with my heart and soul.
My yoga journey began in 2016 in a random yoga studio. And I can tell you it was love at the first sight.
Visiting a yoga retreat a year later in the Italian Dolomites a woman told me that I have the atmosphere of an yoga teacher. That was eye opening for me. Since this moment I knew I want to teach people yoga.
So I started this lifetime journey in 2018 and was certified first in 2019. It was a 200hr TT with a focus on vinyasa yoga. After teaching a few months I have noticed that my knowledge was not enough for teaching people. I have lost my confidence and stopped until I met Lara on Instagram.
This moment was life changing for sure. I knew this is going to be something huge. When I started the LYT 200hr TT everything made finally sense. I felt arrived.
Since I am teaching LYT I feel confident again and what’s more important I have a lot of fun!
Sharing this present of yoga which was giving to me many years ago in a functional and healthy way is the most fulfillment thing I can imagine in my life. To see the transformation of the people, their smiles, the positive impact on their life’s is forever priceless.

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