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Carolyn Brown


Primary Studio
Totem Escalade
English, French
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Carolyn is an extremely keen sports enthusiast, from triathlons to surfing and loves all forms of movement. Her experience found that yoga has been an amazing way to complement her sports training and noticed that former suboptimal movement patterns, that created discomfort from many years as a top synchronised swimmer, were no longer bothering her and even helped her to be more mobile. Having obtained a Bachelors in sports and business, a Masters in sports management and many years learning advanced coaching techniques, she has now been teaching yoga for three years and loves to share her knowledge with students.
Initially trained in Vinyasa yoga with Rachel Brathen and some advanced training with Duncan Peak in Australia, she is now trained in the LYT method. She teaches LYT yoga in the French part of Switzerland in various studios, gyms and online on her Online Studio. She also organizes yoga brunches and workshops in French and English around Europe. 
Carolyn has found that the LYT yoga method is a perfect way to balance out the body. Her 10 years of coaching synchronised swimming and experience in triathlons has thus enabled her to design yoga courses to facilitate pre and post training exercises for athletes. Her courses are not only aimed at athletes or gym adepts but anyone who loves to move. She enjoys working closely with her students to show them how yoga can complement their daily routines and teaches them more about their body and how to correct imbalances, and posture. 
You can follow along with her on Instagram: @passport_to_balance or find out more about her online teaching (in French and English) on her website: