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April Golden


Little Rock, AR
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi from the Natural State! I took my first yoga class while in college sometime in the mid-90s. I tried it off an on over the years, but it wasn't until my mid-30s when I started to feel burnt out from running marathons and an intense day job that I began a daily home practice with a 30-day yoga challenge. I started with You Tube videos in my living room on a mat I bought at a yard sale for $1 and using old law school books as props. Gradually, things started to shift---physically, mentally, and emotionally. The physical practice of yoga, while an excellent form of exercise for building physical strength and stamina, is just a beginning. I wanted to keep learning, so I graduated from a 200-hour RYS and began to teach, but I felt I was missing a base level of understanding of what was going on in the bodies I saw in my group classes. I started practicing with LYT Daily during the pandemic of 2020, and just a few months in, I knew I wanted to do Lara's teacher training. It was the magic puzzle piece that I had been missing!

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